AGM Minutes 2015-16




  1. The Annual General Body Meeting (AGM) was held in the Club premises on 05 October 2016 at 5.00 PM and called to session by way of a notice sent out by the Secretary on 03 September 2016.
  1. A total of 135 members were present and 106 valid proxies were registered with the Secretary. Quorum as per the Club Rule 77 is 100 members.

Opening Remarks of the President

  1. Lt Gen SK Gadeock, AVSM, President of the Club extended a very warm welcome to all members present and declared the AGM open. In his opening remarks he covered the following issues:-
  • As the President of the Club, the objectives set out by him three years ago have been achieved in near full measure. The Club is now clearly amongst the top few recognised clubs of the country.
  • Various upgrades and improvements carried out since the last AGM were enumerated.
  • The symbiotic relationship between Civilian and Military membership is vital for the well being of the Club and should continue in the future.
  • Despite developmental activities the financial health of the Club is of a high standard. The cash reserves of the Club have crossed the 10 Crore mark registering a year on year growth of 24%.
  • The major project of relaying and redesigning nine greens of the golf course is nearing completion and will be ready for play shortly.
  • The Club employees have continued to perform admirably upholding the Club motto. In appreciation of their efforts the Management Committee has decided to ensure guaranteed healthcare for them by way of group health insurance.


  1. Before transacting any other business, the President announced with grief and regret the sad demise of the following Honourable Members since last Annual General Body Meeting. He requested all members present to rise and join him in paying homage to the following departed souls by observing a minute’s silence:-
  • Cdr BS Iyengar (Retd).
  • Col AK Chadha (Retd).
  • Brig Vinod Ahuja (Retd).
  • Lt Gen Kapil Vij (Retd).
  • Mr MV Vijayaraghavan.
  • Gp Capt Ashok Umbarje (Retd).
  • Dr (Mrs) Anna J Abraham.
  • Air Cmde Parvez Khokhar (Retd).
  • Mr KRV Subrahmanian.
  • Mr Parag Parikh.
  • Mr Y Radhakrishna.



  1. Before commencement of the first item of agenda, Mr HS Mehta with due permission of the President raised the point that the notice for the AGM was undated and unsigned, which renders the notice invalid. Dr Israel K Mani pointed out that the notice may have been unsigned and undated by oversight.  The Secretary clarified that the notice has been sent to all members by email and the same has been signed and dated by him.  Air Cmde Aman Nautiyal pointed out that even if the notice is undated, the date of email should be deemed to be date of the document.  Maj Gen Neeraj Verma pointed out that even if it was undated / unsigned the issue should have been pointed out prior to the AGM, rather than, advertently bringing up the issue while the AGM is in session.  The President ruled that the AGM notice is in order and directed the Secretary to proceed.
  1. Prior to reading the notice, the Secretary outlined the time-lines when the notice together with other documents, were sent to the members and reiterated that adequate notice conforming to Club rules, for all issues on agenda for discussion, was given to the members.
  1. The Secretary proceeded to read out the notice for the AGM.



  1. There being no observations, the minutes of the last AGM were passed, proposed by Col DS Rathore and seconded by Capt Asheem Mital.



  1. The Secretary brought out that no queries on accounts have been sent by any member as stipulated in the notice for AGM. Therefore members may give their general view on the Annual Report and accounts after which the Agenda item may be passed by the house.
  1. With the permission of the President WGC, Mr Sumant Bakshi expressed the following:-
  • The Club has undergone tremendous upgradation and value addition in the last few years. The President and the Management Committee needs to be complimented for the glorious standards of excellence which have been achieved.
  • The fact that the funds for the upgradation and development have come from within internal resources of the Club, further needs to complimented.
  • Looking ahead, institutionalised training should be imparted to the Club staff which would further enhance the value addition.
  1. The President thanked Mr Sumant Bakshi for his views and stated that the point regarding training of staff will be addressed in due course.
  1. Mr HS Mehta raised the point that in an email addressed to President dated 16 Aug 2016, he had raised several issues and asked for certain documents. These issues have not been resolved and the documents have not been handed over to him which he was entitled to, as a Committee member and a member of Finance Sub Committee.  As such he would like to raise these issues at this AGM.
  1. Col Gagan Deep Singh, Maj Gen Neeraj Verma, Maj Gen MS Kohli, Brig RK  Mathur, R Adm Sudhir Pillai, NM,  Air Cmde  Aman Nautiyal, Brig Pawan  Bajaj, Mr HN Sethna, Mr  TGB Pinto and a few others  objected  to Mr HS Mehta  raising issues  contained in his ibid  email,  during the AGM. The objections were based on the following grounds:-
  • Mr HS Mehta had not addressed any ‘query on accounts’ to the Secretary by 21 Sep 2016, as stipulated in the notice for AGM.
  • The AGM notice was issued on 03 Sep 2016 and the ibid mail to the President was sent on 16 Aug 2016. A communication originated even before the issue of AGM notice cannot be purported to be a ‘query on accounts’ under the AGM notice stipulation.
  • All issues raised by Mr HS Mehta in his email have been discussed in detail during various Management Committee Meetings (MCM), put to vote where necessary and decisions arrived at. The decisions have been duly recorded in the minutes of the MCM and such minutes passed by the Management Committee. Also, all objections raised by Mr HS Mehta during MCM have been duly recorded as per standarised procedure.
  • The details of accounts asked by Mr HS Mehta in his email pertained to the month of Jan 2016, which have been passed by the MCM and minuted accordingly. Further, annual accounts for 2016-17 have also been closed, audited and approved by the Management Committee, of which Mr HS Mehta is a member. Raising this issue at the AGM, without the stipulated notice, amounts to casting aspersions on the integrity of the Management Committee.
  • In the MCM held on 23 Sep 2016, the Secretary had clearly informed the Management Committee that no ‘query on accounts’ had been received by 21 Sep 2016 as stipulated in the AGM notice. Mr HS Mehta was present during the said meeting and he did not raise any objections to this.
  • The raising of such issues by Mr HS Mehta in this manner during the AGM was clearly indicative of malafide intent, oriented on personal vendetta.
  • The honourable member should respect the sentiments of the house and not raise such issues.
  1. Mr HS Mehta however still reiterated that as a member he has a right to raise an issue in the best interests of the Club. He pointed out that his email to the President WGC dated 16 Aug 2016 should be deemed to be a ‘query on accounts’.  He also stated that his queries pertained to a wedding reception held in the Club in Jan 2016, during which bye-laws of the Club have been violated.   As such he insisted once again on raising the issues contained in his email during the AGM.
  1. In view of the overall sentiment of the house, the President WGC requested for a vote on whether Mr HS Mehta be allowed to raise these specific issues. The house unanimously rejected   Mr HS Mehta’s request to raise the points contained in his ibid email addressed to the President WGC.  No member of the house spoke or voted in support of    Mr HS Mehta’s request.
  1. The accounts for the financial year 2015-16 were thereafter passed by the house, proposed by Mr Sumant Bakshi and seconded Air Cmde Aman Nautiyal.  Mr HS Mehta requested that his objection be recorded.



Item I: New Rule

  1. Background. Rule 118 stipulates that for every Management Committee Meeting notice and agenda thereof will be sent to all members of the Committee six days before such a meeting. There is no provision for any special meeting of the Management Committee.
  1. Existing Rule.

118. Notice of Management Committee Meetings (MCMs).  Notices of such meetings and the agenda thereof shall be sent to each member of the Management Committee, six days before such meeting.”

  1. Proposed New Rule 118A.

“118A. Notice of Management Committee Meetings (MCMs).   The President may however convene a MCM at short notice, if so required.”

  1. Discussion. Dr Israel K Mani spoke in support of the proposed amendment and explained that the amendment was required to cater for unforeseen and emergent situations. Col Sarit Prakash (S-1457) supported the amendment and proposed that instead of making a new rule, the proposed amendment should be incorporated in the existing Rule 118.
  2. Voting. The house adopted the proposed amendment to be incorporated with existing Rule 118, by absolute majority.

Item II: Amendment to Rule 45: Annual Subscription

  1. Background. The annual subscription payable by members under the existing rule was fixed in 2002. To cater for inflation and enhance the revenue income of the Club there is a need to upwardly revise the annual subscription
  1. Existing Rule 45. Military and Civilian Members. Every military and Civilian Member, under Rule 7(a) and (c), shall pay an annual subscription of Rs 500/- and             Rs 1,250/- respectively, which shall become due on 1st January of each year. The Management Committee may decide to charge annual subscription from members for a period of five years at a time and issue membership cards for that period. Members above 65 years of age, however, may exercise the option of paying annual subscription for one year at a time.”
  1. Proposed Rule 45. Military and Civilian Members. Every Military and Civilian Member, under Rule 7(a) and (c), shall pay an annual subscription of Rs 1,000/- and Rs 2,500/- respectively, which shall become due on 1st April of each year. The enhanced subscription will come into effect from 01 April 2017. The Management Committee may decide to charge annual subscription from members for a period of five years at a time and issue membership cards for that period. Members above 65 years of age, however, may exercise the option of paying annual subscription for one year at a time.”
  1. Discussion. Brig MG Jacob supported the amendment and explained the need to upwardly raise the annual subscription by quoting the average inflation figures of the intervening years. The President WGC informed the house that the Management Committee had already taken a decision to de- link the contribution to liquor license fee being paid by civilian members as part of annual subscription. Henceforth, the said expenditure will be met out of the revenue budget of the Club instead of being contributed by civilian members.
  1. Voting. The proposed amendment was passed unanimously.

Item III : Amendment to Rule 122 : Unpaid Bills

  1. Background. Club Rule 122 pertains to stoppage of credit to members who do not clear their bills. The existing specified limit of indebtedness is small in the present context and needs to be upwardly revised.
  1. Existing Rule 122. Stoppage of Credit. If a member is indebted to the Club for a sum larger than Rs 3,000/-, or if such member’s bill remains unpaid at the end of the month succeeding that in which it was incurred, the Management Committee may order that no further credit be allowed to such member until the sum due is fully paid.”
  2. Proposed Rule 122. Stoppage of Credit. If a member is indebted to the Club for a sum larger than Rs 5,000/-, or if such member’s bill remains unpaid at the end of the month succeeding that in which it was incurred, the Management Committee may order that no further credit be allowed to such member until the sum due is fully paid.”
  3. Pursuant to voting, the proposed amendment was passed unanimously.



  1. Background. The financial power of Management Committee for Capital Expenditure is restricted to Rs 150 lakhs. Due to the requirement of capitalizing the expenditure regarding relaying the nine golf greens amounting to Rs 83 lakhs, the budgeted capital expenditure is likely to exceed the limit by approx 13%.  AGM ratification is therefore required.
  1. Expenditure Statement. Details of Capital Expenditure for FY 2016-17 as under:-
Capital Works Amount Remarks
Asst. Secy, HK Office and Store Room 3,00,000 Completed
Tennis court Lighting incl. poles 7,29,992 Completed
Horse Ride Statue incl  stand 99,538 Completed
Guttering work – Golf Hut 1,50,000 Completed
Steel Railing along approach road 3,80,000 Completed
Cottage Roof painting 1,45,000 Completed
Retaining wall on stream 6,00,000 Completed
Revetment wall and plinth 2,50,000 Completed
Revetment wall near old office 1,60,000 Completed
Irrigation project for Golf Course 10,00,000 Completed
Club Logo Mural & Plastering Wall 1,00,000 Completed
Bar & Furniture for MUH 4,00,000 Completed
Projector & Music System for MUH 6,00,000 Completed
Additional Work MUH 4,00,000 Completed
AS, Admin Office 1,00,000
Cellar Room 1,00,000
TOTAL- Capital Works 55,14,530
Capital Purchases
Verandah Chairs & Tables 4,50,000
Computer & Hardware 1,00,000
House Keeping 4,00,000
Catering 4,00,000
Furniture and fittings 4,00,000
Golf Equipment 4,00,000
Contingencies 10,00,000
TOTAL- (Capital Purchases)  31,50,000
G Total – (Capital Works & Purchase) 86,64,530
Golf Green Project   83,00,000
TOTAL   1,69,64,530
  1. Presently the power of the Management Committee for the capital expenditure is restricted to Rs 150 lakhs. Therefore, AGM approval is requested for a sum of Rs 169.64 lakhs.
  1. Discussion. The President explained vividly, that the project of refurbishing the golf course was initiated in response to popular sentiments expressed by many members and veterans that he had informed the house regarding the project during the last AGM.  A long felt need has thus been addressed.  He stated that the capital expenditure per se was well below the stipulated limit of Rs 150 Lakhs but the expenditure on the golf green project  has resulted in the in the  proposed  expenditure crossing the limit by a small  margin. Maj Gen MS Kohli and Brig RK Mathur clarified that initially the project was planned as revenue expenditure but during the year, based on the advice of our auditors, it was decided to capitalize the same. R Adm Sudhir Pillai, NM suggested that in view of likely capital expenditure towards maintenance, especially equipment costs, a further increased amount be considered and passed by the house. Brig RK Mathur, Golf captain proposed that considering an additional contingency of Rs 10 Lakhs towards Golf course equipment costs, a total rounded off figure of Rs 180 Lakhs of Capital expenditure be passed by house.
  1. Pursuant to voting, capital expenditure for the year 2016 – 17 of Rs 180 Lakhs, as proposed by the Golf Captain was approved by absolute majority.


  1. The Secretary stated that as per the AGM notice, points, if any, for consideration as special business under Club Rule 75 were to be sent to him by 21 Sep 2016. No points were received.



  1. The Secretary informed the house that M/s TV Subramanian & Associates, Coimbatore  have performed satisfactorily during the last financial year and expressed their desire to continue to function as the Club auditors for FY 2016-17. M/s L Ashok and Associates, a local audit firm have also made a bid. The audit fee quoted by                    M/s TV Subramanian & Associates is marginally lower than the local firm.
  1. Discussion. Col Rajneesh Gaur and Capt Rahul Jaitly expressed their view supporting the appointment of M/s TV Subramanian & Associates, in the interest of continuity and explained that there needs to be a valid reason to change the club auditors.
  1. Pursuant to voting, the house approved the continued appointment of the present auditor for the financial year 2016 – 2017.


  1. The President WGC thanked all outgoing Management Committee Members for their diligence and commitment to the well being of the Club. He also thanked all the other members for their support to the Management Committee.  The vote of thanks to the outgoing Management Committee was passed, proposed by AVM AS Gurunathan (Retd) and seconded by Mr Phillip Mathew.


  1. Military Committee Members. The Secretary stated that there are five vacancies for the Military Members on the Management Committee, other than the President and Station Commander. As only five Military Members have expressed their willingness to serve on the Management Committee, the Secretary, on behalf of the President declared the following military members as elected:-
  • R Adm Sudhir Pillai, NM.
  • Maj Gen MS Kohli.
  • AVM Anil Golani.
  • Maj Gen Neeraj Verma.
  • Brig RK Mathur.
  1. Brig SK Sangwan, VSM, Commandant MRC and Station Commander was nominated as the Ex-Officio member as per Club Rule 102 (c).
  1. Civilian Committee Members. The Secretary stated that eleven Civilian members as under had expressed their willingness to serve on the Management Committee:-
  • Mrs Dierdre E Issar.
  • Lt Col TL Ghai (Retd).
  • Dr Israel K Mani.
  • Mr N Nagesh.
  • Mr HS Mehta.
  • Mr TGB Pinto.
  • Dr K Shanmuganathan.
  • Mr Praveen Bardia.
  • Mr K Vinod Shenai.
  • Mr HN Sethna.
  • Brig S Suresh Kumar, VSM (Retd).
  1. As only seven vacancies were available, the election of civilian members were subject to voting. On termination of voting and counting process, the President WGC declared the following civilian members as elected to the Management Committee WGC.

(a)       Mrs Dierdre E Issar.

(b)       Dr Israel K Mani.

(c)        Mr N Nagesh

(d)      Mr TGB Pinto.

(e)       Mr Praveen Bardia.

(f)        Mr HN Sethna.

(g)      Brig S Suresh Kumar, VSM (Retd).


  1. Mr HN Sethna was elected as the Vice President unanimously by the elected Civilian members under Club Rule 102 (e).


  1. Brig SK Sangwan, VSM a member of the outgoing and newly elected Management Committee, sought the permission of the President WGC and brought out the following in reference to the point earlier raised by Mr HS Mehta with regard to the wedding functions of the WGC President’s daughter, held in the Club:-
  • The wedding reception was held in the month January 2016. After closure of the Club accounts in January, he was also part of the Finance Sub Committee which scrutinized the accounts for the month of January 2016.  The accounts for the month of January were duly passed by the Management Committee during MCM held in February.  It was much later in May / Jun 2016 that the issue regarding financial probity of the President was raised by Mr HS Mehta.
  • The MCM then considered the issue, deliberated on the points raised and decided that there was no need for any investigation into the matter.
  • Despite this, on the instructions of the President WGC, a Committee consisting of himself alongwith Mr TGB Pinto and Mr HN Sethna, met on 30 August 2016 and scrutinized in detail all financial transactions with regard to WGC President’s daughter’s wedding function held in the Club. It was verified that all transactions were duly accounted for and paid for in full.  A certificate to this effect was rendered by the three members and handed over to the Secretary WGC on the same day.
  • It is unfortunate that the financial probity of the President WGC was questioned. This matter should now be put to rest.
  1. The President WGC asked the house if the members were in agreement with the facts brought out by Brig SK Sangwan, VSM.  The house unequivocally expressed their concurrence and total support.
  1. The President WGC thanked all members who were present for the AGM, particularly those who contributed with their views on various aspects and helped in smooth conduct of the AGM. He stated that members having any points on the Club at any time may raise it with the Secretary or any member of the Management Committee. He exhorted all members to contribute wholeheartedly towards lifting WGC to the pinnacle position of pristine glory amongst all clubs in the country. Invoking the blessings of the Almighty and conveying his best wishes to all members, the President declared the AGM closed.
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