Weekly Menu

Menu – 04  to 10 December 2017

Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Poori Chicken Curry Onion Soup
Bhaji Paneer Curry* Roast Chicken
Tea & Coffee Dal  Veg Cutlet*
Fresh Fruits Aloo Mattar Mix Veg Bake
Or Jeera Rice Roast Potato
Continental# Roti Dinner Roll
  Papad/Pickle/Salad Waldorf Salad
  Gulab Jamoon Pudding
Uthappam Tandoori Chicken Manchow Soup
Sambar & Chutney Tandoori Paneer* Chicken Manchurian
Tea & Coffee Tadka Dal Paneer Manchurian*
Fresh Fruits Aloo Mattar Curry Chilly Gobi
Or Pulao Fried Rice
Continental# Roti Noodles
  Papad/Pickle/Salad Sweet & Sour
  Gulab Jamoon Lemon Souffle
Uppama & Vada Lemon Coriander Soup Peas & Corn Soup
Bhaji Mutton Rogan Josh Chicken Mughlai
Tea & Coffee Anjir Kofta Curry Shahi Paneer*
Fresh Fruits Tendli Masala Till Aloo
Or Jeera Rice Dal Makhni
Continental# Wheat Paratha Pulao
  Dahi Wada Roti
Plum Niranjana Triffle Pudding
Appam Chicken Pulao Celery Soup
Veg Stew Paneer Veg Pulao* Grilled Chicken
Tea & Coffee Tadk Dal American Pancake*
Fresh Fruits Brinjal Capsicum Veg Augratin Bake
Or Naan & Roti Roast Potato
Continental# Papad/Pickle/Salad Dinner Roll
  Ice Cream Coco Sauce Cole Slaw Salad
  Trunk of Tree
Masala Dosa Tandoori Chicken  Lemon Coriander Soup
Chutney & Sambar Tandoori Paneer Aloo*  Butter Chicken
Tea & Coffee Baingan Bartha Paneer Makkanwala*
Fresh Fruits Punjabi Dal  Dal Makhni
Or Jeera Pulao  Mix Veg Fry
Continental# Naan  Corn Pulao
  Papad/Pickle/Salad  Naan & Roti
  Shahi Tukra  Triffle Pudding
Aloo Paratha Chicken Biryani Kadai Chicken
Pickle & Chutney Veg Biryani* Kadai Paneer*
Tea & Coffee Chole Dal Tadka Dal
Fresh Fruits Bhatura Jeera Rice
Or Raitha Aloo Mattar
Continental# Aloo Masala Roti
  Papad/Pickle/Raitha Papad/Pickle/Salad
  Pineapple Gateau Triffle Pudding
Idli    Hot & Sour Soup
Sambar & Chutney   Chilly Chicken
Tea & Coffee   Chilly Paneer*
Fresh Fruits   Mix Fried Rice
Or   Noodles
Continental#   Gobi Manchurian
    Lemon Souffle

# Continental Breakfast –  Eggs to order, Toast/Butter/jam, Cornflakes/Porridge, Fresh Fruits, Tea/Coffee.*  For Vegetarians Only

  • Papad/Pickle/Salad will be served with all Indian Menu
  • Sausages on order.
  • A La Carte are available from 12 pm to 9 pm.
  • Club Plate and Club Snack meal available from 9.30 am to 9.30 pm.
  • Hot snacks will not be served during meal timings unless they have been ordered earlier.
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Annual General Body Meetng is scheduled on 09 November 2017 at 5 pm.