1. Name. The name of the Club is the Wellington Gymkhana Club.
2. Objects. The objects for which it is established are: –
(a) To afford to its members all the usual privileges, advantages, conveniences andaccommodation of a Club. (b) To promote social interaction and fraternity amongst members; to organize sports, games,social events, tournaments and to cultivate reciprocal arrangement with similar institutions at the discretion of
the Management Committee.


3. (a) Strength. The Club, for the purposes of registration, is deemed to consist of an unlimited number of members.
(b) Beneficial Interest. The beneficial interest in the property of the Club, subject to the liabilities there of, belongs to the members of the Club for the time being. However, for action required to be
taken in the event of it being resolved to wind up the Club, see Rule 141.


4. Eligibility. Army, Navy and Air Force commissioned officers, retired officers and gentlemen and ladies of “Indian Nationality” moving in general society and over 26 years of age are eligible to become
members of the Club. However, the international officers while attending the Staff Course may be granted temporary membership for the duration of the Course”.
5. Classes. The Club shall consist of four classes of members viz: –
(a) Honorary Members.
(b) Permanent Members (includes Gentlemen and Ladies).
(c) Temporary Members (includes Gentlemen and Ladies).
(d) Corporate Members.
6. Honorary and Life Members. Any distinguished visitor may be admitted as an Honorary Member at the discretion of the Management Committee. Similarly Life Membership may be offered to permanent members who
have rendered exceptional service to the Club. They will retain all rights of permanent members and be exempt from payment of annual and absentee subscriptions.

7. Permanent Members. Permanent members of three categories:-

(a) Military Members. Only commissioned officers of the Indian Army, Navy & Air Force are eligible for military membership. They will be of two categories:-

(i) Nilgiris Related. Directing Staff/Student Officers of the Defence Services who are stationed in the Nilgiris or who have served in the Nilgiris and have been associated with the Club (e.g. Garrison
Members) or Officers who have been students of the DSSC and who wish to avail themselves of the full privileges of membership of the Club.

(ii) Others. Officers of the Defence Services who have not served in the Nilgiris, but wish to avail themselves of the privileges of membership of the Club. These members will not have voting rights. The
category will also include widows of Defence Service Officers who die in harness, provided they are not remarried at the time of grant of membership.

(b) Garrison Members. Serving officers of the Armed forces belonging to the Wellington garrison, who are members of the Madras Regimental Center Mess and other station messes and by virtue of a mess
subscription to the Club, enjoy the normal privileges of membership of the club, termed “Garrison Members”.

(c) Civilian Members. All other ladies and gentlemen, who wish to avail themselves of the full privileges of membership of the Club, termed “Civilian Members”.

(d) Retired Defence Service Officers. Retired defence officers may be granted membership as in the case of civilian ladies/gentlemen. Outstation Defence Service Officers granted such membership will
have no voting rights. With effect from 09 Nov 2017 all nonresident retired defence officers who were earlier granted membership will be deemed to be without voting rights.

8. Lady Members. A lady member who is a permanent member will have all rights and privileges as applicable to permanent gentlemen members. The following rules will govern certain categories of lady members: –

(a) Wives of deceased permanent gentlemen members who wish to continue to be a member of the Club will not be required to pay any entrance fee. The membership of the spouse will stand transferred and she will enjoy
all the privileges of permanent membership, Including the right to vote in general body meetings and would be governed as per Rule 7(c) above.

(b) If a permanent lady member is married or gets married subsequent to her becoming a permanent member, her husband and children will enjoy the same privileges as the families of permanent gentlemen members.

(c) Widows of commissioned officers of the Armed Forces, who have died in the course of their duties in action or Internal Security duties, residing in the Nilgiris District be permitted free entrance to the Club
subject to payment of usage of facilities andconsumables.

9. Resident and Non Resident Members. Permanent Lady and Gentlemen Members will be classified in two categories as follows:-
(a) Permanent Resident Members. Permanent Lady and Gentleman Members residing within the revenue district of the Nilgiris will be classified as “Resident Members”.

(b) Permanent Non-Resident Members. Permanent Lady and Gentlemen Members residing outside the revenue district of the Nilgiris will be classified as “Non-Resident Members”. Permanent Non-Resident Members
elected as such will not have voting rights. A non-resident member who later settles down in the Nilgiri District may request for conversion to resident membership. Such members will be placed in waiting list for
resident membership and the conversion may be granted in due turn.

(c) Permanent membership may be granted to persons of Indian origin having PIO/OCI status. However, this will be at the discretion of the Management Committee based on the merit of each case.
10. Temporary Members

(a) Tenure Membership. Government / Semi Government officials and business Executives posted in the Nilgiris District and staying more than six months may be admitted as “Tenure Members” for the period of
their tenures subject to approval and subsequent annual renewal by the Management Committee. Their membership will, therefore, cease automatically on transfer from the district. During their tenure, Tenure Members
will be entitled to all privileges of a regular member except for voting rights and the right to propose / second fresh candidates for membership. Tenure Members will be required toattend “At Home” at the Club along
with their Proposer / Seconder for grant of membership. The Monthly Subscription and refundable security deposit will be as under:-

(i) Security Deposit (Refundable) –

(ii) Monthly Subscription –

Temporary members of the Club are divided into two categories:-

Temporary Military Members. Student Officers of DSSC for the duration of their course. Visiting military officers for the duration of their visits may also be granted temporary membership on request.

Temporary Civilian Members. Temporary Civilian Members of the Club are divided into two categories:-

(aa) Short Term. This will be of one month duration to a maximum of three months duration. It will be granted to only outstation candidates and once a year only.

(ab) Long Term. Only local residents owning residential property in the Nilgiris District will be eligible for membership under this category. It will be granted at the discretion of the Management Committee
for a duration of Six months. Subsequent extensions will only be considered if the individual has applied for permanent membership as a Resident/Non Resident.

11. Corporate Members. Payment of 5 lakhs for 5 years for each person nominated by the firm/company. The firm/company may nominate upto a maximum of 5 persons. Credentials of the persons so
nominated will be checked for suitability and approved by the Management Committee. Further renewal of Corporate Membership for the nominated persons will be at the discretion of the Management Committee.

Election of Permanent Members

12. Qualification for Proposer or Seconder. No member may propose or second any candidate for civilian membership until he has himself been a permanent member for five years. Such a member may only propose one
candidate and second another candidate in a calendar year. In case of application for military membership, the five years Rule will be waived in respect of the proposer or seconder provided they themselves are
military members.

(a) Resident Civilian and Military candidates for election as Permanent members to the Club should present themselves at the Club along with the Proposer/Seconder as directed by the Management Committee. The
Management Committee took a unanimous decision not to grant permanent membership to any person without attending “At Home” hereafter. Spouse exemption should be given only in exceptional circumstances, mainly medical

(b) Ballot. The ballot shall be secret. The committee shall open the ballot box and the Secretary shall certify the result of the ballot by writing “Elected or Not Elected”, as the case may be. The Ballot Book
shall be signed and dated by those present at the committee meeting. No ballot shall be valid unless there be five votes and one black ball in four shall exclude. Votes by proxy will not be admissible for the
election of members. Any discrepancy between the number of names in the Book and the number of balls in the ballot box shall invalidate the ballot.

13. Notification of Election and Exercise of Privileges. The election or otherwise of a candidate will be intimated to the applicant by the Secretary/Honorary Secretary. The entrance fee must be paid before a
newly elected member is entitled to exercise any of the privileges of permanent membership. If the entrance fee is not paid, the candidate’s election shall be void in accordance with Rules 20 and 41 to 45. Newly
elected members will be given Membership Cards, a copy of the Club Rules and a Club Tie, on payment.

14. Non-Election. If a candidate for membership is not elected, the Secretary shall inform the proposer and seconder in writing, but the number of negative votes shall not be disclosed.

15. Military Members on Retirement. Membership of Military members who retire from service will automatically get converted from military membership to Civilian Membership, without seeking re-election, without
paying entrance fee and without any change in their subscription.

16. Re-Election.

(a) If Black-Balled. A candidate blackballed once may be put up for election again any time after a period of six months from the date of the ballot. If a candidate is blackballed twice, he will no longer be
eligible for election as a member.

(b) Invalid Ballot. In case of any ballot being void or invalid, the candidate shall be put up again for ballot at once.

Temporary Membership

17. Every candidate for temporary membership must be proposed by one Permanent Member in writing on the form provided and his name will be entered in the Register of Temporary Members and he shall be issued with a
Temporary Membership Card. His membership shall, however, be subject to confirmation by the Management Committee and in the event of any member of the Management Committee objecting to the election of the candidate,
the provisions of Rules 12 to 16 shall be enforced, in respect of his temporary membership. If the candidate is not elected, he shall forthwith cease to be a Temporary member and his Temporary Membership Card will be

18. Change from Temporary to Permanent Membership. Any temporary member wishing to become a permanent member must submit a fresh application form, duly completed and be balloted under Rules 12 to 16.

Miscellaneous Provisions

19. Use of the Club by Candidates for Permanent Membership: A candidate may, at the discretion of the Management Committee, be permitted to make use of the Club as a temporary member from the date on which he
or she is proposed and seconded until the date he or she is balloted for. The liabilities of Proposer and Seconder are as under:-

(a) Permanent Members. Proposer and seconder of a permanent member shall be jointly and severally liable for the entrance fee, subscriptions and all other debts incurred by candidate proposed or
seconded by them, for three months from the date of election, including the period of temporary membership prior to election, if any.

(b) Temporary Members. The proposer of a temporary member shall be personally liable for all debts to the Club incurred by such temporary member during his or her full period of temporary membership. In the
case of temporary members of DSSC (student officers), the Commandant DSSC will be similarly liable for clearing of all dues to the Club incurred by such members.

(c) Garrison Members. The Commandant, Madras Regimental Centre as the Station Commander, will similarly be liable for all debts to the Club incurred by Garrison Members.

Termination of Membership

20. Membership of the Club may be terminated in any of the following ways:-
(a) By voluntary resignation as provided for in Rules 21 .
(b) By being adjudicated insolvent.

(c) By being dismissed from public service. Should such dismissal be later cancelled or rescinded, or should it be shown to the satisfaction of the Management Committee that the member’s honour was not affected by
such dismissal, he/she may be declared by the Management Committee to be eligible for re-election, and if re-elected, shall not be called upon to pay a further entrance fee.

(d) By not paying entrance fee, Club subscriptions or bills, as provided for in these rules, after due warning, as hereinafter provided.
(e) By expulsion, as hereinafter provided, for in Rule 121.

21. Voluntary Resignation. Due notice of withdrawal from permanent membership must be given in writing to the Secretary, whose acknowledgement should be obtained. Such member will continue to be liable for
monthly and other subscriptions and all other dues up to the date on which the resignation notice is received by the Secretary. Any permanent member, who has resigned the Club membership, may at the discretion of the
Management Committee rejoin on terms as stated in Rule 23.

22. Subsequent Election. Any person ceasing to be a member by the operation of clauses (a), (b) or (d) of Rule 20 above, may be proposed for re-election on payment of the entrance fee and other dues. No one
ceasing to be a member under clause (c) of Rule 20 shall be eligible for re-election except under the conditions stated therein. No ballot for re-election shall take place until all sums due from the candidate to the
Club have been paid.

Affiliated Membership

23. Introduction. Members of clubs affiliated to WGC wishing to use the facilities of this Club are required to produce a Letter of Introduction from the affiliated club and other evidence of permanent
membership. They will be treated in the same way as own temporary members. Members of affiliated clubs will be required to clear all their dues/bills of this Club at the time of departure.

24. Limitation. Usage of the Club by affiliated member are restricted to three times in a month and a total of 10 times in a year. Affiliated members are required to sign the appropriate register prior to being permitted use of the club. This is not applicable to cottage occupants for the duration of their stay in the cottages.

25. Garrison Member. Garrison members enjoy the privileges of affiliation accorded to members of this Club in respect only of those affiliated clubs that are located in Ooty, Coonoor and Kotagiri.


26. Eligibility. Permanent or temporary members of this club may introduce no person as guest in this Club on more than six occasions in any twelve-month period.
27. Settlement of Dues. Members introducing guests must in all cases pay for the wines and other refreshment consumed by them, and for any breakage occasioned or other charges incurred by their guests.

28. Guest Book. Members introducing guests under these Rules must enter their own particulars and those of their guests in the Guest Book kept for this purpose. Guests playing games will pay at the rates for
the time being in force.

29. Ineligible Guests. No person may, in any circumstances, be introduced into this Club as a guest who would not otherwise be eligible for membership of this Club.

30. Golfing Visitors. Members of affiliated clubs and other visitors introduced by a member, wishing to play golf without becoming members of the Wellington Gymkhana Club, may be permitted to do on payment of
green fees as may be fixed by the Management Committee.

Affiliations & Disaffiliation

31. Management Committee’s Powers. The Management Committee shall have full powers to effect the affiliation or disaffiliation of this Club with other clubs as considered desirable and on such terms as the
Management Committee may decide.

Membership – Special Provisions

32. Transfer of Membership. A permanent member of the club, provided he/she has been a full member for 15 years and whose age is above 60 years, may apply for transfer of membership to his/her legal
son/daughter by paying ₹ 1,00,000/- as the entrance fee. Transfer of membership will be subject to approval by the Management Committee. Transferor would cease to have any right of membership of the Club.
Transfer can only be done once i.e. a transferee cannot further transfer the membership. Also a transferee will not have voting rights. A spouse who has inherited the membership on demise of the permanent member is
not permitted to transfer it further. Aforesaid is applicable to all transfers permitted after 26 July 2003.

33. Children of Members. A permanent member who has been a full member for 15 years may apply for his legal children to be admitted as non-resident members of the Club on payment of entrance fee of
1,56,000/- each. This will, however, be subject to the approval of the Management Committee. The rule will not have any retrospective effect.

Rules 34 to40 Spare


Entrance Fee

41. (a) Civilian Resident members. Elected Permanent Civilian Resident members (Rule 7(c) and Rule 9 (a) shall pay an entrance fee of ₹ 3,00,000/-.
(b) Civilian Non-Resident Members. Elected civilian non- resident members (Rules 7 (c) and 9 (b) shall pay an entrance fee of ₹ 12, 00,000/-.
42. Military Members. Officers elected as permanent Military Members under Rule 7 (a) shall pay an entrance fee as follows: –

(a) Officers of the armed forces serving in the Nilgiris
₹ 20,000/-.

(b) Serving ex DSSC/ ex Garrison officers
₹ 30,000/-.

(c) Ex service officers
₹ 75,000/-.

(d) Officers elected as Military Members under Rule 7(a)(ii) shall pay an entrance fee of ₹ 55,000/-.

43. Garrison Members. Officers of the armed forces eligible as garrison members (Rule 7 (b) shall pay no entrance fee, the Madras Regimental Center officers’ Mess having paid a regimental entrance fee of
700/-. A further entrance fee of 350/- per additional annual subscription, above Rs. 700/- paid for in the first instance, will be chargeable.

44. Method of Payment. The entrance fees stipulated in Rules 41 (a) & (b) and 42 above, may, at the option of the member, be paid in one lump sum or in five equal monthly installments respectively.

Annual Subscription

45. Military and Civilian Members. Every military and Civilian Member, under Rule 7(a) and (c), shall pay an annual subscription of ₹ 1,500/- and ₹ 3,000/- respectively, which shall
become due on 1st April of each year. The Management Committee may decide to charge annual subscription from members for a period of five years at a time and issue membership cards for that period. Members above 65
years of age, however, may exercise the option of paying annual subscription for one year at a time.

46. Broken Periods. If a member is elected after the end of January, he shall pay the annual subscription from the balance period of the current year, at the above rate, a part of a month being reckoned a
month. A member who resigns in the month of January will be absolved from paying the annual subscription for that year. Resignation after 31st January and before 30th June entitles a member to a refund of half the
annual subscription for that year. No refund of annual subscription or part thereof will be made to a member resigning after 30th June.

47. Non-Payment of Annual Subscription. Any permanent member who does not pay his/her annual subscription by 31st March in the year in which it is due shall have his/her name removed from the membership
register and will no longer be considered a member. The member name may be replaced in the members register after paying his/her annual subscription due, if paid within two years of the subscription becoming due or
four times the amount due, if paid after two years and before three years of the subscription becoming due. If a member has not paid his/her annual subscription for over three years, the Management Committee at their
discretion may permit replacement of his name in the membership register by imposing a minimum payment of four times of his total dues to the Club and upto a maximum payment of full entrance fee as applicable to his
category of membership.

Monthly Subscription

48. Permanent Military and Civilian Members. In addition to the annual subscription, permanent resident members (Rule 7 (a) and 7 (c) read with rule 9 (a) shall pay a monthly subscription of

49. Garrison Members. In the case of garrison members (Rule 7(b), a monthly regimental subscription shall be paid by the Madras Regimental Center Officers’ Mess/ Military Hospital, Wellington/ CWE and all
other station messes, corresponding to 350/- per officer present in the Nilgiris and belonging to their respective units/ messes. The subscription should be forwarded along with nominal roll of

50. Temporary Military Members. Temporary military members shall pay a monthly subscription of 350/-, except in the case of student officers of the Defence Services Staff College, in whose case
the DSSC shall pay 350/- per month per student officer.

51. Temporary Civilian Members. Temporary Civilian Members will be charged the following fees:-


Short Term

(i) Security Deposit (Refundable) – 5,000/-

(ii) Monthly Subscription – 1,000/-

(iii) Green Fee per person per round – 150/-

(b) Long Term

(i) Security Deposit (Refundable) – 7,500/-

(ii) Monthly Subscription – 1,000/-

(iii) Green Fee per person per round – 150/-
52. Temporary Garrison Members. There is no provision for temporary garrison membership.
53.  Deleted.

54. Temporary Absence. Permanent members who notify the Club before departure, of their absence from the Nilgiris for 15 consecutive days or more during any one calendar month will be charged only half the
monthly subscription, under Rules 50 and 55. If notice of absence is given for a complete calendar month or months, no monthly subscription will be charged during such period of notified absence. If permanent
members, who have notified their absence, visit the Club they shall pay 10/- per day, up to a maximum of the amount applicable as monthly subscription for them. (See Rules 50 and 55).

Games Subscription

55. The subscription for golf, tennis, etc., shall be as fixed by the Management Committee from time to time.

Payment for Supplies

56. Permanent Members. All supplies made to permanent members will be signed for at the time and will be charged in monthly bills.

57. Temporary Members. Temporary members shall resort to digital mode of payment for all supplies made to them. Temporary membership will terminate automatically six months after the date of grant of such
membership. Student officers of DSSC who are temporary members are exempt from this Rule, in regard to method of payment and duration of such membership.

58. Affiliated Clubs. Resident permanent members shall pay 20/- and absentee or nonresident members shall pay 20/- every time they visit an affiliated club, to cover postage,
stationery, bills etc. Affiliated members using this Club shall be charged ₹ 200/- per day or as fixed by the Management Committee from time to time.

59 to 70 spare.


Procedure for Calling

71. General Body Meeting. A general body meeting, of which not less than fourteen days notice in writing shall be given to permanent members, shall be held annually not later than the end of December, on such
day, time and place as the Management Committee may determine. The general body meeting so held shall be called an Annual General Body Meeting (AGM). All other general body meetings shall be called extraordinary.

72. Extraordinary General Body Meeting (EGM). The Management Committee may, whenever it considers necessary or if any ten or more permanent members make a requisition in writing, convene an EGM. Any such
requisition shall state the object of the proposed meeting and must be signed by the members and deposited with the Secretary.

73. Calling of an EGM. On receipt of the requisition, the management committee shall forthwith proceed to call an EGM. If the Management Committee does not proceed to cause a meeting to be held within 21 days
from the date of the requisition so deposited, the requisitioning members or any other ten members may themselves call an EGM. When an EGM has been called on the requisition of members, no subject shall be discussed
other than that specified in the requisition.

74. Notice to Members for AGM or EGM. Not less than 14 days notice, specifying the place, date, time and agenda of the meeting, shall be given to all permanent members in a manner hereinafter mentioned or in
such other manner, as may be prescribed by the general body. The non-receipt of such notice by any member, however, shall not invalidate the proceedings at any AGM or EGM.

75. Special Business. All business transacted at an EGM shall be deemed special. All business transacted at an AGM, which has not been included in the agenda, shall also be deemed special. No special business
shall be brought forward at any AGM or EGM unless 14 days notice has been given to the Secretary before the date of such meeting.

76. Adjournment of Meetings. The Chairman may, with the consent of the members, adjourn the meeting from time to time and from place to place. No business shall be transacted at any adjourned meeting other
than the business left unfinished at the meeting from which the adjournment took place.

Quorum at AGM or EGM

77. Number Representing Quorum. No business shall be transacted at any general body meeting unless a quorum of members is present at the commencement of the business. Such quorum shall consist of 100 permanent
members of the Club present in person and entitled to vote at the meeting.

78. When a Quorum is Not Present. If within half an hour from the time appointed for the meeting, a quorum of members is not present, the meeting, if called on the requisition of members, shall be dissolved.
In any other case, it shall stand adjourned to the same day in the following week, at the same time and place. If at such adjourned meeting a quorum of members is again not present, the meeting shall be adjourned
sine die.

Annual Report & Account

79. Circulation Among Members. The Management Committee shall present to the members a report and the Club’s audited accounts for the previous year at the AGM. It shall cause distribution of copies of the
accounts and its report to the Club members at least 14 days before such meeting.

Amendment to Rules

80. Procedure. It is only at an AGM or an EGM called for the purpose that any rule of the Club may be altered or cancelled or any new rule adopted. Such alterations or cancellations of existing rules or
adoption of new rules must be passed by a majority of not less than three-fourths of the permanent members, entitled to vote, present at such meeting, in person or by proxy. Any such agenda points received by the
Secretary 14 days in advance be put up on the Club Notice Board within 24 Hours of receipt of such agenda points i.e. minimum 13 days before the AGM along with the draft of the proposed changes for the information of
the members.

Carrying of Resolutions

81. Declaration by Chairman. At any AGM or EGM, unless a poll is demanded by at least ten members, a declaration by the Chairman that a resolution has been carried and an entry to that effect in the minutes of
the AGM or EGM, shall be conclusive evidence for the adoption of such resolution. No proof of the number or proportion of votes recorded in favour of or against the resolution is required to be recorded.

82. Manner of Taking. If a poll is demanded by at least ten members, the same shall be taken in such manner as the Chairman may direct. The result of the poll shall be deemed to be the resolution of the
meeting at which the poll was demanded.

83. Re-Opening Questions Decided. No question decided at an AGM or an EGM shall be reopened at any subsequent meeting, until after expiry of six months.


84. Entitlement. Every permanent member [Rule 7 (a) (i) and 7(c)] who has paid full entrance fee and cleared all dues shall have one vote and no more. Garrison Members [Rule 7 (b)] will collectively be
entitled to the number of votes corresponding to the number of annual subscriptions paid under Rule 43. Such votes by garrison members must be recorded individually and in person.

85. Method. In a poll, votes may be cast either in person or by proxy. No member present at an AGM or EGM may cast more than two votes consisting of a personal vote and one proxy. No proxies are permitted to
garrison members. Only one vote can be cast by a garrison member present at the meeting, subject to a maximum of the number of entitled votes under Rule 84.


86. A proxy shall be appointed in writing under the hand of a member unable to attend an AGM or EGM. The instrument appointing a proxy shall be deposited with the Secretary not less than forty-eight hours before the
time of holding the meeting at which the member wishes to vote. (See Rule 85 also).

87. Instrument of Proxies. The instrument appointing a proxy shall be in the following form: –

I……………………………… (Name) ……………………………… being a permanent member of the Wellington Gymkhana Club hereby appoint………………………………
(Name)………………………………as my proxy,to vote for me and on my behalf, at the AGM (or EGM) of the Club to be held on………………………………day of………………………………and at
any adjournment thereof.

Note: Every proxy will be affixed with a Rs. 1/- revenue stamp.

Minute Book

88. The minutes of each meeting shall be recorded in a Minutes Book to be kept for the purpose and shall be signed by the Chairman of the meeting at which the minutes are confirmed Rules.

89 -100 Spare


Management Committee

101. Composition. A Management Committee that shall consist of the President, Vice President and twelve other members, shall manage the affairs of the Club.
102. Constitution and Election of Management Committee. The members of the Management Committee shall be permanent member of the Club and shall be elected at the AGM by permanent members.
(a) Commandant DSSC or the senior most Defence Service Officer posted in the Nilgiris and who is a permanent member of the Club, will be the ex officio President of the Club.
(b) Of the fourteen members, seven shall be military and seven civilians.

(c) Of the seven military members, one shall be the Officer Commanding or the Officiating Officer Commanding of the Wellington Station, without designation by name, provided that he is a permanent military member of
the Club. A garrison member is ineligible to serve on the Management Committee.

(d) Five military (other than the Commandant DSSC and the Officer Commanding Wellington Station) and Seven civil members will be elected by the permanent members during the AGM.
(e) The Civilian Committee members will elect the Vice President from amongst themselves.

(f) Member may be elected to the Management for a maximum of six years or upto 70 years of age. Age restriction may be waived by the AGM. After a tenure of three years, there should be an interval of two years before
he/she is elected to the Committee again. This rule will apply with effect from AGM to be scheduled in FY 2018 and will take into account all previous years for application of the rule.

103. Chairman. The President, or in his absence, the Vice President shall be the Chairman of the Management Committee and shall preside at all Management Committee meetings, and at AGM or EGM. In the absence
of both the President and the Vice President, members present at the Management Committee meeting or an AGM or EGM shall elect a Chairman.

104. Notification of Willingness. Permanent members of the Club who are eligible and are willing to serve on the management committee shall give their names to the Secretary in writing at least 10 days prior
to the AGM. The Secretary shall post the names of the eligible members on the Club Notice Board at least seven days before the AGM. In case the number of names received is less than the vacancies, the Management
Committee will decide on the names to fill up the remainder vacancies. Any withdrawals received by the Secretary will be incorporated in the list, up to noon of the day before the date of the AGM.

105. Termination of Management Committee Membership. Any member of the Management Committee who may be transferred, or who goes on leave for three months or more or is absent from the Nilgiris District for at
least three months, or who fails to attend a Management Committee meeting for three consecutive months, shall automatically cease to be a member of the Management Committee.

106. Management Committee Vacancies. The place of President, the Vice President or any other member of the Management Committee who ceases to be a member of the Management Committee between two AGMs shall be
filled up by the Management Committee from among the permanent members of the Club, whether already serving on the Management Committee or not.

107. Resignation of Management Committee. The members of the Management Committee may act, notwithstanding any vacancy in their body. In the event of the whole Management Committee resigning at any time, the
Secretary shall summon an EGM within 14 days for the election of a new Management Committee.

108. Quorum of Management Committee. Six members of the management shall form a quorum. In the event of there being no quorum, the President or Vice President together with any other two members of the
Management Committee, are authorized to carry on the affairs of the Club, with the provision that their actions shall be subject to confirmation at a MCM, which shall be held as soon as quorum is available.

109. Voting. If required, an issue may be put to vote, where it shall be decided by a majority of votes. Each member of the Management Committee shall have one vote. In the event of a tie in voting, the
Chairman shall have a second or casting vote. Votes by proxy will not be admissible at any meeting of the Management Committee.

110. Powers of the Management Committee. The Management Committee shall be the governing body of the Club. It may exercise all such powers and do all such things as are required to be done by the Club and
which are not, by these Rules, expressly directed to be done only by an AGM or EGM. Subject to regulations and directions as may, from time to time, be determined at an AGM or EGM, provided that no such regulation or
direction shall invalidate any prior act of the Management Committee, which would have been valid if the said regulation, or direction had not been made. The Management Committee shall, further, be entrusted with and
exercise, the following powers and duties:-

(a) Financial Powers of the Management Committee. Provided there are sufficient funds available, the Management Committee shall have the power to expend up to a maximum of ₹ 3.0 crores for capital
charges in any one year on suchthings, as new buildings, additions etc., which they think will benefit the Club. This ₹ 3.0 crores is exclusive of expenditure on periodic maintenance, repair, renewal and
minor improvement expenses.

(b) Property. The Management Committee shall have the power to purchase, take onlease or on exchange or hire, or otherwise acquire for the purposes of the Club, any movable or immovable property and to sell,
let, mortgage, lease or dispose of the property of the Club, or any rights or privileges as the Management Committee may think necessary in the interest of Club.

(c) Raising Funds. The Management Committee may borrow or raise money in such manner, as it may think fit. This may be done by issue of debentures or debenture stock, perpetual or otherwise, charged upon any
of the Club’s property, both present and future or by issue of bills of exchange, promissory notes or other obligations or securities of the Club or by mortgage or charge of all or any of the property or assets of
the Club.

(d) Contracts and Investments. To enter into such contracts and do all such acts and things as they think expedient for the purposes of the said Club and to dispose off the funds of the said Club for promotion
of the objects thereof, and to invest surplus funds in such securities as they think fit.

(e) By- laws. To make, alter and cancel all By-Laws relating to the internal economy of the Club, not inconsistent with these Rules, such as matters relating to subscriptions, prices of meals and refreshment,
the hours of the Club, the charges for use of the Club premises and so forth. Such By-Laws shall be binding on the members in the same way as if they had been contained in these Rules.

(f) Interpretation of Rules and By-Laws. The Management Committee shall be empowered to interpret any of the Rules, which may appear vague or indefinite, and tomake and alter such By-Laws from, time to time,
as considered necessary.

(g) Grant of Membership. The Management Committee at its discretion may grant permanent membership to certain senior or exceptional defence services officers, officers of the Government and other prominent
citizens out of turn and in relaxation of the Rules.

Appointment of an Honorary Secretary

111. Responsibilities and Powers. At or immediately after the AGM, the Management Committee shall appoint a permanent member to act as Honorary Secretary of the Club, and so soon as appointed he shall ipso
facto, become a member of the Management Committee. The Management Committee may delegate to him such powers, as it may deem necessary. The Honorary Secretary will be responsible for proper keeping of the Club
accounts. The accounts for the previous month shall be scrutinized at every management committee meeting and signed by the Chairman of the Management Committee at that meeting.

112. Privileges. An Honorary Secretary shall have all the privileges of the Club, including games, without payment of any subscriptions or fee. The Management Committee may, at its discretion, allow the
Honorary Secretary such other privileges, as it considers desirable.

113. Authority. The Honorary Secretary will exercise the authority of the Management Committee with regard to discipline of the club staff and general routine of the Club, subject to such limitations as the
Management Committee may, from time to time, impose.

114. Golf Captain and Games Sub-Secretaries. The Management Committee will appoint a golf captain to take care of all aspects concerning golf, including the maintenance of the course. In addition the committee
may appoint sub secretaries for other sports and games. Due to the nature and extent of work required to be carried out on the golf course the golf captain will require to be invited to attend the monthly Management
Committee Meetings. Other sub secretaries may be invited to attend the Management Committee meetings at which any matter relating to their sport or game is to be discussed. Neither the golf captain nor the other sub
secretaries will have any voting rights at the meetings whenever they attend.

Appointment of a Paid Secretary

115. Powers and Privileges. The Management Committee may, in place of Honorary Secretary, engage a full time Secretary at a salary to be fixed by the Management Committee. The Secretary may, at the discretion
of the Management Committee, be permitted to use the Club during the tenure of his appointment but a paid Secretary is not eligible to serve on the Management Committee as a member.

116. Supervision of a Paid Secretary. In the event of the appointment of a paid Secretary, the Management Committee may elect one or more of their members to supervise the work of the Secretary with regard to
payments and receipts made by cash and cheques on behalf of the Club, and to sign or endorse all cheques jointly with the Secretary, on behalf of the Club.

Management Committee Meetings (MCM)

117. Ordinary Meetings. The Management Committee shall normally hold one ordinary meeting every month and may meet as many times often as necessary. It shall keep a Minute Book in which the proceedings of the
meetings shall be recorded and signed by the Chairman of the meeting at which the minutes are confirmed. The Management Committee shall cause proper books of accounts to be kept by the Secretary.

118. Notice of Management Committee Meetings (MCMs). Notices of such meetings and the agenda thereof shall be sent to each member of the Management Committee, six days before such meeting.

119. Reopening Questions Decided. No question once decided at an MCM shall be reopened at a subsequent meeting within two months, unless at least four members of the Management Committee notify to the
Secretary in writing, their desire to have such questions reopened.

Conduct of Members

120. Infringement of Rules. In the event of a member of the Club infringing regulation or by-law of the Club, it shall be the duty of the Secretary to bring such violation to the notice of such member, and
should he deem fit, report the matter to the Management Committee.

121. Action by the Management Committee

(a) The Management Committee shall have absolute power to request the resignation of any member of the Club whose conduct, in their opinion, render that course desirable and in the event of such request not being
complied with, may expel him from the Club (See Rule 128)

(b) The Management Committee shall have absolute power to debar, suspend or take any other action, as it may deem fit, against a person using the Club on the basis of affiliation and to inform the affiliated Club

(c) Should a member approach the Court of Law regarding any dispute, wherein the Club is the necessary party and if the case is decided in favour of the Club, his/her membership shall be automatically terminated.
However, the Club may consider his/her readmission, provided the member apologizes in writing and bears all expenses incurred by the Club, in connection with the litigation.

Unpaid Bills

122. Stoppage of Credit. If a member is indebted to the Club for a sum larger than Rs. 5,000/- or if such member’s bill remains unpaid at the end of the month succeeding that in which it was incurred, the
Management Committee may order that no further credit be allowed to such member until the sum due is fully paid.

123. Notification. If a member’s bill remains unpaid when the bills for the following month are issued, such member would receive an ordinary bill stating the amount outstanding from the previous months as “To
Account Rendered”. If such member’s bill is still unpaid when the next month’s bills are issued, Notice No. 1 (Part III) shall be sent to the member concerned. Should payment not have been received when further next
month’s bills are issued, Notice No. 2 (Part III) shall be sent under registered cover.

124. Posting. Failing payment within 30 days of dispatch of Notice No. 2, the Management Committee shall post such member as a defaulter in such prominent place as it may consider suitable, without any further
notice. Intimation of such posting will be sent to all affiliated clubs. A member posted as a defaulter may not use the Club in any way.

125. Removal. If within a month of posting of a member as a defaulter all sums due are not received, the Management Committee may, in the absence of a satisfactory explanation for the default, remove the
member’s name from the Register of Members and notify the same to the member and to all affiliated clubs whereupon the defaulter shall cease to be a member.

126. Action to Recover Dues. The Management Committee may thereafter take such legal or other action, as it considers necessary, to obtain payment of the amount outstanding from the defaulter.

127. Interest on Dues. The Club reserves the right, at the discretion of the Management Committee, to charge any particular member interest at 2% per month for the overdue amount. Such action shall not be
construed as condoning the existence of the overdue amount.


128. Any member expelled under Rule 121 or on ceasing to be a member under Rule 125, shall have the right to appeal to an AGM, whose decision shall be final.

Club Staff

129. Control and Supervision. All Club staff is under the sole control of the Secretary or Honorary Secretary and any complaints regarding them must be made to him in writing.

130. Complaints. No staff member of the Club shall be punished by any Club member. In the event of any fault being found, it shall be stated in writing to the Secretary (or Honorary Secretary), or entered in
the Suggestion Book.

131. Gratuity. No member shall give to any staff of the Club any sum of money or gratuity either in cash or in kind on any pretext whatever. Any staff member of the Club, who receives such money or gratuity,
shall be liable to be discharged. The concerned member shall be liable to face action under Rules 120 and 121.


132. Maintenance of Accounts. The Management Committee shall cause due account to be kept of the money received and expended by the Club and of the matter in respect of which such receipts and expenditure are
incurred and of the assets and liabilities of the Club.

133. Annual Balance Sheet. The accounts shall be closed on the 31st March of each year and a balance sheet, including a summary of the assets and liabilities of the Club on that date, shall be made out for
approval in the next AGM.


134. Annual Report of Audit. At least once every year the accounts of the Club shall be examined and the correctness of the profit and loss account and the balance sheet ascertained by one or more, duly
certified, auditor(s) who shall furnish a report.

135. Appointment of Auditors. The AGM will appoint auditor(s) for the club accounts for the financial year following that for which the accounts have been passed by the AGM. If only one auditor is appointed,
all provisions herein contained, relating to auditors, shall apply to him or her.

136. Eligibility to Serve. The auditor(s) may be member(s) of the Club. No person is eligible to be appointed as auditor who may be interested, otherwise than as Club member, in any of the transactions of the
Club. No member of the Management Committee, or other office bearer of the Club, is eligible to be an auditor of the Club during his or her tenure in the Management Committee or as office bearer.

137. Remuneration for Auditor(s). The Management Committee shall fix the remuneration for the auditors.

138. Books and Documents to be Made Available. The auditor’s shall be supplied with a copy of the balance sheet and it shall be the auditor’s duty to examine the same with the accounts and related vouchers.
The auditor(s) shall be delivered a list of all account books and ledgers kept by the Club, and shall have access to the books and accounts of the Club to complete the audit.


139. Method of Serving. A notice shall be deemed to have been served by the Club to a member if it has been delivered either in person or by post address as registered at the Club.

140. Time Serving. When a notice is sent by post, service of the notice shall be deemed to be effected, unless the contrary is proved, in the time the letter would normally have been delivered in the ordinary
course of postal delivery.

Winding Up of the Club

141. If at any AGM or EGM, a resolution for the winding up of the Club is passed by a majority of not less than three-fourths of the permanent members present and eligible to vote at such meeting, in person or by
proxy, the Management Committee shall proceed to realize the property of the Club. After discharge of all liabilities of the Club, the balance amount shall not be paid to or distributed among the members of the Club,
but shall be given or transferred to some other institution, as determined by the members of the Club, having objects similar to the objects of the Club.


Sanctity of By-Laws

1. Under Club Rule 110(e) the Management Committee is empowered to make, alter and cancel all By-Laws relating to the Club. Such By-Laws shall be binding on the members in the same way as if that had been contained
in these Rules.

Opening and Closing of the Club

2. The Club buildings and facilities shall be opened and closed daily at such hours as the Management Committee may decide from time to time (See Part III).

3. All Club staff is under the sole control of the Secretary (or Honorary Secretary). Any complaint regarding them must be made to him in writing. (See Club Rules 130 and 131). A register is kept in the Reception for
members or their guests wishing to pay gratuities to the club staff, which will be apportioned by the Secretary (or Honorary Secretary).

. Complaints and Suggestions

A book will be kept in the Reception that can be obtained by any member, for the purpose of entering any suggestion for the consideration of the Management Committee.Complaints, if any, must be made in writing and
the Secretary will bring them up before the next Management Committee meeting. Any liquor or supplies rejected by a member as bad, should at once be sealed in the presence of the member and submitted as soon an
possible, to the Secretary. If found by him to be bad, it will be charged to Club Account. If a difference of opinion exists, a member of the Management Committee will be appealed to, whose decision shall be final;
the complaining member being charged, if such decision is against him.


Damage to Club Property

(a) Damage. Crockery, furniture etc., willfully damaged by a member, will be charged to the concerned member at a rate not exceeding four times the cost of its repair or replacement. Accidental damage shall be
made good by members at actual cost.

(b) Removal of Property. No club property including crockery-cutlery shall be removed from the Club premises, except in special circumstances and with the express consent of the Secretary.

Outside Refreshments

6. (a) No member or member’s guest or dependent is allowed to bring to the Club premises, for consumption therein any eats, refreshments or liquor of any kind whatsoever.

(b) Private picnics are not permitted inside or within 50 meters of the Club building or on the golf course. Such parties are not permitted to use the Club crockery, cutlery or other utensils, or to obtain any
assistance from the Club Kitchen or staff.

(c) The facilities mentioned in sub- paragraphs (a) and (b) above may, however, be granted in very special circumstances with the consent of the Secretary, at charges to be fixed by him.

Notices by members

7. No notice may be placed on the Club Notice Boards without the permission of the Secretary who will initial the same. A fee of Rs. 10/- per day for A4 size paper will be charged for display of all private notices.

Parking of Vehicles

8. No motorcars, motor cycles or scooters are allowed to be parked at places other than those specially marked for the purpose. On no account may any such vehicle be left standing under the Club porch. Overnight
parking of vehicles in the Club premises is not permitted without the permission of the Secretary. If permitted, overnight parking shall be done at a place specified by the Secretary and shall not be done in the
parking area close to the Club House. Members infringing the bye-law are liable to be fined Rs 100/- for every such infringement.


9. (a) Children are not permitted in WGC for special/central functions, unless otherwisespecified.

(b) Children are not allowed in WGC premises after 7 PM, except for small scale private parties or syndicate get-together. However, during syndicate parties, children will be restricted to the TV Room, and it shall
be the responsibility of the parents and not the Club Staff to ensure this.

(c) Shangri-la, Rendezvous, Gun Bar and Cozy Bar, billiards room, Card room are “Out of Bounds” for children at all times.
(d) The Management Committee reserves the right to ask the parents to leave the Club premises if the children are found misbehaving.
(e) Breakages, if any, by the children will be charged to the parents.

(f) Children will not be allowed to wander around on the Golf course, particularly at times when members are playing on the course, to prevent injury to children and inconvenience to golfers.

(g) The Club accepts no liability whatsoever for any injury sustained by children in the Club premises or grounds.
(h) Children of members are, however, allowed in the Club’s sports grounds at all times, provided they do not interfere with games in progress, or with the band, if playing.


10. No dogs are allowed inside the Club premises, including the Veranda of the Club building.Dogs are also not permitted to be walked on the golf-course. A fine of 100/- will be levied for each
violation of this by-law and the offender shall at once remove the dog from the Club premises. Any repeated infringement of this would be dealt with under Rule 121 “Conduct of Members-infringement of Rules”.


11. The library will be available to members as per terms and conditions stated in Library Notice. (See Part III).

Club Grounds and Non-Members

12. Any non-members using the Club grounds shall give his or her name and address, if asked to do so by any member of the Club staff.

Grazing of Cattle

13. Grazing of cattle or sheep in the Club grounds can only be allowed by Secretary, who shall specify the area and time for such grazing.


14. The charges and subscriptions, fixed by the management committee, games, liquors, meals etc., will be posted on Club notice boards for information of Members.

Meals and Refreshments

15. Club meals may be ordered on 24 hours advance notice being given. Unless 12 hours’ notice of cancellation is given, members will be required to pay for the meals as ordered.Snack meals can be ordered, within meal
hours, at two hours’ notice. The charges for Club meals, as fixed by the Management Committee from time to time, shall be displayed on theClub notice board and can be obtained from the Reception. Refreshments can
only be served on the premises or in the immediate vicinity of the Club. Meals shall not be served in the cottages, except for the sick and with the express permission of the Secretary.


16. A charge of Rs. 75/- per head will be made for each member and his or her family spouse and children below 21 years old and of Rs 100/- per head for each guest attending a dance with a live band/DJ in attendance.


17. The laws of Contract and Auction Bridge adopted by the Portland Club shall be followed in this Club. The Club charges for bridge covering cost of cards, score sheets, pencils etc., as decided by the Management
Committee, will be shown on Club notices. No other card game of hazard or gambling of any kind is allowed in this Club.


18. The Billiards Marker will be in attendance from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. daily, except on Mondays. The Billiards Room shall not be opened in the absence of the Marker. Children below 16 years
of age are not permitted to play and children below 12 years of age are not permitted inside the Billiards Room. Beginners and novices shall play on a cloth-covered table, till cleared by the Marker.

19. The Club By-Laws covering hours of play, charges, penalty for cutting cloth or other damage, etc. will be displayed in the Billiards Room notice board.

Private Parties in Club

20. Members, affiliated members and member of approved societies (such as UPASI,) may reserve a room(s) for a private party or for other reasonable purpose for any period terminating by 11 p.m. Reservations after 11
p.m. will be charged @ ` 40/- per hour or a part thereof, on account of late fees., for each staff member employed for such late party.

21. The Secretary may refuse to make such reservations, or may restrict them in terms of time and /or accommodation provided, without assigning any reason.

22. For private parties all supplies will be provided by the Club at the accepted rates and under the condition approved by the Management Committee. Bringing of eatables and drinks (including liquor, soda and soft
drinks) from outside is not permitted, except in exceptional circumstances, when such permission shall be granted by the Secretary.

Reservation of Tables

23. Unless especially sanctioned by the Secretary, tables will not be reserved for members, for any party or special occasion., nor a formal seating plan permitted, except for the president and the vice-president
when entertaining official guests. This bye-law does not prohibit or restrict the booking of meals but debars the reservation of tables and display of seating plans.

Music System and TV

24. In no circumstance will any member operate or manipulate the TV, audio or other electronic equipment of the Club, unless specially authorized to do so by the Secretary for a specified duration or event.

25. If music is required in the Dance Hall, the Reception will be asked to issue necessary instructions to the housekeeper on duty.
26. A member may select cassettes to be played from the catalog, which will be shown to him on request.


27. Unless specifically agreed otherwise (and in advance), the Club will not accept any liability for any bill of a member of this Club, although every effort will be made to collect the full amount due to the
affiliated Club from our member.

28. No responsibility whatever will be accepted by this Club for bills sent direct to its members,or otherwise dealt with by affiliated clubs, about which the management of this Club has not been informed, latest by
the end of the month in which such bills were incurred.

29. All permanent members of the Club are provided with a Membership Card and affiliation facilities apply only to holders of such current cards.

30. All facilities to affiliated club members shall be on a reciprocal and pro-quo basis. Our members shall keep the Club informed of any discrimination or denial or deprivation of facility, felt by them at any
affiliated club, for initiation of suitable action to restore parity. Members of the Indian Golf Union (IGU) are also permitted to play golf on payment of green fees.

Hours, Fees, Games Subscription Etc.

31. The Management Committee revises Club and bar timings, meal rates, and subscriptions for games and amenities etc., from time to time. Current notice on these subjects shall be displayed on the Club notice boards.


32. The committee shall issue instructions as required from time to time for the maintenance of club accounts. In any case monthly closing of accounts may be restored to for the review of the health of the accounts
by the committee and balance sheets drawn up accordingly.

Audit of Accounts

33. “Quarterly’’ internal audit of accounts will be carried out by auditors as decided by the Management from time to time. “Statutory “ (Annual) audit shall be carried out independent of internal audit by different
auditors as approved in AGM.


34. Cottage Booking Rules. The following Rules will apply for cottage booking during season period from 01 April to 30 June:-
(a) Advance booking by members is limited to a period of 12 months.
(b) Advance booking by affiliated members is limited to six months.
(c) Maximum duration of booking is limited to 14 days.
(d) No re-booking will be allowed after a gap / interval during the season period beyond a maximum of 14 days.
(e) For bulk booking beyond four cottages during the season period, 100% advance should be paid and any cancellation will entail no refund.
(f) 50% advance has to be paid during the booking of the cottages for confirmation
35. During the non-season period no restriction will apply.
36. The following Rules will apply for cancellations:-
(a) 14 days and above in advance – 20% of advance forfeited.
(b) 14 days to 2 days in advance – 50% of advance forfeited.
(c) Less than 2 days in advance – 100% forfeit.


36. SMOKING is PROHIBITED within the Club Premises including the Outer Veranda, Reception to Tennis Courts, Golf Hut etc., offender will be fined
100/- for each incident.



Club Hours and Late Fees

1. Club will be open daily from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. unless members are present in the Club building to a later hour, when it will remain open until their departure or 11 p.m. whichever is earlier. Should the Club close
at 10 p.m. due to no members being present, it will NOT reopen again until 7 a.m. the following morning. Members using the Club from 11 p.m. onwards, except on dance nights and Club functions, will be charged late
fees of 100/- per hour or a part thereof, for heating and lighting, and staff members will be apportioned between the members present. Late Fees will be charged for every hour or part thereof until 2
a.m. the following morning when the Club must close.

2. At 11 p.m. if members are still in the Club, a notice will be shown by the Club staff drawing member’s attention to this bye-law. In their own interest, members should then dismiss all staff except those they
require for this service, with the proviso that at least two servants are retained. If one of these is the Barman, he must not be employed on any other duty.

3. On all dance nights, late fees at the above rates will become operative with effect from one hour after the band ceases to play.

4. In the case of special parties, the Secretary will fix a special charge, inclusive for late fees.




Bar Hours, Meal Timings and Rates

1. The bar shall be open as follows:-
(i) Saturday – 1200 to 1430 & 1900 to 2230 hours.
(ii) Sunday – 1200 to 1500 & 1900 to 2230 hours.

2. If members want the bar to remain open beyond the above period, they shall be required to pay late fees, as per Bye-law 1. On Sundays and for Club functions, one or more bars may remain open, as long as required,
on instructions of the Secretary.

3. Meal Timings (To be displayed on Club notice and cottages)
(a) Breakfast – 0800 to 0930 hours
(b) Lunch – 1300 to 1500 hours
(c) Dinner – 2000 to 2200 hours
(d) (Saturday) – 2000 to 2300 hours
The dining hall may be closed outside the above meal timings.
4. Booking of Meals and Parties. The Club may not accept orders for meals and parties if the following minimum advance notice is not given:
(a) Breakfast – By 2000 hours, the previous day
(b) Lunch – By 0830 hours, the same day
(c) Dinner – By 1700 hours, the same day
(d) Parties – 48 hours notice, with menu.
5. Definition of party. For the purposes of this bye-law, a booking of meals for more than seven heads, including children, will be deemed to be a party and shall require being booked accordingly.

6. Snack Meals. Snack meals, as per the menu in force, may be ordered by members with an advance notice of two hours, provided such notice will enable the snack meal to be served within the Meal Hours
prescribed in as above. Orders for snack meals may not be accepted during Sunday lunch or during Club functions.

7. Meals Rates

(a) The rates for Club meals will be fixed by the Management Committee, from time to time. These rates will be displayed on Club notice boards for the information of members.

(b) The rates for meals for parties or for extra dishes to be added to the Club meal, will be decided by the Secretary, as per themenu desired by the member(s) and will be made known to the member(s) at the time of
booking the party or meal.

(c) The rates of meals for Club functions will be decided by the Secretary and intimated to the members.
8. Cancellation of Meals or Parties. No meal or party booking may be cancelled unless the following minimum advance notice is given:-
(a) Breakfast – by 2200 hours, the previous day.
(b) Lunch – by 0830 hours, the same day.
(c) Dinner – by 1400, the same day
(d) Parties – 24 hours in advance.


Dress Regulations


Before 7 pm

Collared tucked in shirt / t-shirt.

Trousers, jeans permitted but not torn.

Pullovers & sports shorts / shoes permitted.

Sandals / slippers NOT permitted.

After 7 pm

Tucked in collared shirts with / without jackets / pullovers.

Jeans of any kind / shorts/ sportswear/ sports shoes / sandals are strictly prohibited.

Tie / Cravat / Scarf and jacket / national dress a must in gun bar.


Before 7 pm

Any respectable dress.

Torn jeans / bathroom slippers NOT permitted.

After 7 pm

Shorts / sports out fits NOT permitted.

Saree / salwar kameez / western formals only in Gun Bar.

Denim Jeans permitted but NOT Torn / Faded.


The above dress code is also applicable to children above 15 years




1. Library hours. The library is open daily from 10-00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. excepting Sundays, and Club Holidays.

2. Number of Books on Loan. A single subscriber is allowed one new volume and three old volumes at a time.

3. Duration of Loan. Members are allowed to keep new books for a period not exceeding ten days and old books for a period not exceeding fourteen days. The period for which books may be kept does not include
the day on which they are taken out but includes the day on which they are returned.

4. Penalty.

(a) Delayed Return. A Member failing to return a book within the time allowed will be charged 1/- a day per book for each day overdue.

(b) Loss of Books. Any Member losing a book shall be liable for the full cost of its replacement. A book is held to be lost if it is not returned to the Library within one month after issue.

5. Library Ledger. Members taking out books personally must sign for them in the Library Ledger and should see that they are written off when returned. If a messenger is sent to take out books, he must obtain
a signed chit from the Librarian giving a list of the books taken.

6. Return of Books. Members returning books personally must hand them over to the Librarian. They should not leave them lying about or give them to the Club Servants. If the Library is closed, the books must
be put in the box provided for the purpose with a signed chit from the members giving the names of the books returned. If a messenger is sent to return books he must obtain a signed receipt for them from the
Librarian, or he may put them in the Box for returned books (as above) if the Library is closed.

7. Breach of Rules. Failure to comply with the above rules will render a Member liable to penalties under Rules 4(a) and 4 (b) above.



1. Golf Course is open from 7.30 am to 6.00 pm except Mondays. Maintenance of Golf Course and ‘Shramadhan’ by Caddies are carried out on Mondays and is open to golfers after 2 pm.

2.Golf Practice will be allowed only from 0730 hours to 1000 hours and 1500 hours to 1700 hours. Members violating the Rules will be penalized 250/-.

3. Affiliated members / guest of members / visitors are allowed to play on the golf course with proper handicap card of 18 and below for Gents and 24 and below for ladies and Children from their respective clubs.

4. Affiliated members / guest of members / visitors are requested to pay the green fees as per charges applicable at the main club reception before teeing off.

5. Local Rules of Golf 2019 of Wellington Gymkhana Club applies.

6. Affiliated members / guest of members / visitors of handicap card more than 18 will be allowed to only practice.

7. Golf Subscription

(a) Member Single – 500/- per month plus GST 18%.

(b) Members Family – 700/- per month plus GST 18%.

(c) Non Resident Member – 600/- per month plus GST 18%.

(d) Temporary Member – 150/- per round, Max 1500/- plus GST 18%.

(e) Guest of Member – 400/- for Weekdays and 500/- for weekendsplus GST 18%.

(f) Affiliated Members – Charges as per reciprocal.

(g) Walk in Guest – ` 800/- for weekdays and 1000/- for weekendsplus GST 18%.

8. Golf Coaching

(a) Kids ( 6 – 8 yrs) – 50/- for half an hour.

(b) Children (8 – 13 Yrs) – 100/- for half an hour.

(c) Adult – 150/- for half an hour.

(d) Children / Adults playing on course while coaching – 150/- (Max 3 Holes)

9. Lockers
(a) Charges for Local Members – 100/- per month

(b) Charges for Visitors/Others – 25/- per day



1. When there are a few members waiting to play, then members occupying Courts No 1, 2 and 3 are to adhere to the following guidelines:-
(a) As far as possible, members are to play “Doubles”
(b) With a five minutes set aside for warm up, members are to play a maximum of one set or eleven games.

(c) When a set is complete, the players will “Count-up” and ascertain that no other four is waiting before starting another set. No singles can hold a double court if a four is waiting. A four, which includes the
marker, has the same standing as any other four.

(d) If a four is not ready to play immediately a court becomes vacant, they lose their turn and go to the bottom of the list on he slate.
2. The charges for playing with the Marker is Rs 50/- per member and family for 30 minutes.

3. Use of Courts During Late Evenings. Members desirous of playing beyond stipulated hours under lights are to inform the marker and pay the charges for use of lights (Rs 80/- per half an hour @Rs 10/- per

4. Members are requested to wear tennis shoes with non-marking soles, and clean their shoes on the mats provided, before entering the courts.

5. Children below sixteen years and unseeded ladies are to play only in Courts No III and IV. Coaching classes will also be conducted only in Courts No III and IV.


Tennis subscription

(a) Member / Temp Member Single – 250/- Per Month plus GST 18%.

(b) Member / Temp Member’s Family – 350/- Per Month plus GST 18%.

(c) Others (Affiliated / Guest) – 150/- Per Day plus GST 18%.

(d) Under Lights – 80/- for Half an Hour plus GST 18%.

(e) Non Resident Member Single – 100/- Per Day plus GST 18%.

(f) Non Resident Member Family – 150/- Per Day plus GST 18%.

(g) Tennis Locker Room – 50/- Per Month plus GST 18%.


(a) Members & Family – 60/- for Half an Hour.



1. Hours. The Marker will be in attendance from 1000 to 1300 hours and 1630 to 2100 hours or as decided by the Management Committee time to time.
2. Occupation of Table. No member may occupy the table for more than 30 minutes if another member is waiting.

3. Damage to the Table or Cues. Charges for damaging the cloth will be minimum Rs. 300/-, the Secretary shall decide the actual amount in consultation with the marker. The charges for damage to cues will be
decided by the Secretary.

4. Bringing of Guests. The name of gentlemen who do not belong to the Club shall not be entered in the Billiards Register. Their charges shall be borne by their host member and the book must be signed by the
latter who is responsible for payment and conduct of the guest.

6. Dress and Code of Conduct.

(a) Members and their guests or dependents visiting the Billiards Room shall be properly attired and shall maintain silence. Wrist watches with metallic bracelets are not to be worn while playing.

(b) Smoking is not permitted in the Billiards Room.
7. Billiards Subscription
(a) Member – 200/- per month plus GST 18%.
(b) Others (Affiliated/Guest) – 100/- per day plus GST 18%.
(c) Coaching – Complimentary



Timings and Charges for Use of Various Facilities in Golf Hut

1. Reception

(a) Timings for Reception and the Golf Pro Shop will be from 0900 to 1800 hours.

(b) Golf items will be available for sale during these timings.

2. Massage Charges & Timings

(i) Gingerly / Mustard oil Massage – 450/- for Ladies and Gents (One Hour)

(ii) Timings – 0900 hours to 1800 hours.
3. Gym Charges & Timings



(i) Single – 200/- per month.
(ii) Couple – 300/- per month.
(iii) Family – 400/- per month.

(iv) Others –
100/- per month.

(b) Timings

(i) Morning – Between 0700 to 1100 hours
(ii) Evening – Between 1600 to 2000 hours
Note: Treadmill will not be used for more than 15 minutes when other Members are waiting. (Maximum Half an Hour)
4. Sauna. Per Sitting (Half an Hour) – 150/- .
5. Bar. Bar will remain open between 1130 to 2200 hours daily except on Mondays.

6. Meals & timings. Only A La Carte Meals will be served for which a minimum of 30 to 45 Minutes notice to be given to the Reception / Catering Staff depending upon the Nature of Menu Ordered. Meals will
be served between 1100 to 1430 hours and 1830 to 2230 hours daily except on Mondays.

7. Dress code. Dress Code of the Club should be strictly adhered to. Chappals, Faded / Torn Jeans and Sandals are not allowed inside the Golf Hut at any time.


Non Payment of Club Dues



Dear Sir/ Madam,


A sum of Rs…………………………………………… due by you to the Club as on…………………………………………….. I am sure your non payment is due to oversight. You will be really
being helping the smooth running of the Club by Payment of the arrears.

I have to request you for a remittance at the earliest possible date.
Also note that Next due amount as on……………………………………….is Rs…………………………………….

Thanking you,
Yours faithfully,


** For Due amounts, Receipts are considered up ……………………………………………..



Dear Sir/ Madam,

1. A letter was sent to you on………………………….drawing your attention to the fact that your Club bill to the end of…………………….amounting to Rs………………………..was still unpaid.

2. No remittance or communication from you having been since received, I regret to be under the necessity of now further reminding you that, according to Rules of the Club, if payment is not made before
……………………the Committee may post you as a defaulter without any further notice.

Thanking you,
Yours faithfully,



Your indebtedness as above is :
To end of…………….Rs……………..
To end of…………….Rs……………..
Total Rs…………………